what and who is and-or.ch?

and-or is an artgroup specializing in media art and gameArt. The group consists of René Bauer, Beat Suter and Mirjam Weder. The group operates since 2001 from Zurich, Switzerland.

and-or explores new modes of interactivity and concreativity between machines and their human users. Simple but distinct concepts become game prototypes or playful media art. Digital data is everywhere these days but its impact often is not considered. We make this data and its impact visible to everyone, we question it and open up a discourse on digital boundaries.

For this purpose we often use feeds of constant ideas and thoughts (digital readymades) as found in searchengines, feeds of publicly available pictures and sounds and various behaviour-patterns of gameplay. Put in a playful perspective, these can easily show you what lies beneath the digital surface and beyond the common limits of communication.

// In 2003 the work "the famous sound of absolute wreaders" on which and-or collaborated as one of 6 partners, received the public award for netliterature.

// In 2006 and-or's work streamfishing received an award from the ars electronica for mapping a collective subconscious via users input in search-engines.

// In 2009 and-or's work wardive received three nominations for the mobile award of the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco.

And-or's origin is the media art scene. Some of our projects like Wardive, Sniff_jazzbox and AndOrDada are media art projects created for mobile devices. They capture and transpose communication waves between humans and machines into adaptive and locative games, music or poetry. AndOrDada creates a poem that adapts itself to the area of town you walk through and weaves your friend's names into the poem. Sniff_jazzbox transposes areas of town via names of hotspots in music and generally creates an audible city. Wardive finally is the game version. While walking or driving through town hotspots become enemies and need to be fended off quickly before they destroy your cristal.

> an interview with and-or on gamescape, laichenberg and discrimination pong (gamescenes.org).
> an interview with and-or on de-fictionalising the "technical subconscious" (pdf).

and-or is: rené bauer, beat suter and mirjam weder

# rené bauer is lecturer for gamedesign at zhdk.ch, manager of gamelab zhdk, developer of nic-las.com, tEXtmachina, iMachina and various games. >more
# beat suter is lecturer for gamedesign at zhdk.ch, manager of gamelab zhdk, concepter of iMachina, author and publisher of edition cyberfiction and various books. >more; >more
# mirjam weder is a writer, concepter and lecturer of linguistics at unibas.ch. >more

# in 4 projects and-or has been collaborating with the stuttgart artist johannes auer. >more

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