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dada overload! let your tweets fight in this spectacle. we are in the middle of an invaders fight against us. dada goes zaza. overload dada! zersetzte dada! (11-10-2016)
dada was a mental system cracker. think about the poem-algorithm. dadaoverload adapts the mechancis and adds the destruction mode. tweets are fighting for dominance in the society of spectacle. enough dada! zersetze dada!

nanorunners is out! play capitalism! nanorunners is a multiplayer game for big screens for up to 200 players. (12-05-2013)
play the ratrace! nanorunners is a multiplayer race for movie theatre or festival audiences. all players steer avatar runners with their own smartphones. a simple and short game, but lots of fun. and the audience turns into an interacting entity. successfully played at gamezfestival!

first gameZfestival in zurich, switzerland, organized by and-or and friends, october 4 - 6, 2013. (10-07-2013)
the festival's theme: play the mechanics! the festival featured international guests reece millidge (icycle) and stephan schwingeler (zkm), the group mobiles kino from basel and many local swiss game designers. A highlight was the show of swiss games from 1987 and 2013. The Amiga and Atari scene was here, the boardgame scene was here and the young designers of current tablet games presented their works!

android versions of three games with hotspots released - wardive, sniff_jazzbox and andordada. (09-13-2012)
Wardive, Sniff_jazzbox and AndOrDada are all adaptive games with locative levels. In Wardive you fight against the hotspot invaders, Sniff_jazzbox creates an audible city with distinct tunes for every location in town and AndOrDada creates Dada poetry from your immediate neighbourhood. All three games were developed for iPhone first, but Apple rejected the used API. Now, they are available for Android devices - for free.
wardive (fight against hotspots) on android-playstore >
sniff_jazzbox (audible city) on android-playstore >
andorDada (roadpoem) on android-playstore >

pikselbacteria released - an augmented reality game with bacteria feeding on edges in digital pictures; shown for the first time at StromUndNetz in Stuttgart (05-25-2012)
PikselBacteria is an augmented reality game for iPhone/iPad. It focuses on the bacterium pikselum. You breed the short-lived bacteria with your camera. Give them food by taking them to an edge and start moving the camera along this edge - the bacteria will breed instantly and take you to the edge. A comment on augmented reality trends.

ucla game-art-festival with discriminationpong (05-30-2012)
the grand display of game art the university of california in los angeles showed experimental games, demos, game art, performances, music and tournaments. in the midst: discriminationpong. watch the video.

TetrisMachine released and exhibited at filmwinter.de (01-15-2012)
TetrisMachine was released and had its first public showing. TetrisMachine is a Tetris-Installation with a defect. If you complete a line, the bricks do not disappear but fall out of the machine and bounce all over the gallery floor. You can play as long as there are bricks left in the machine. When the machine is empty, it is time to refill. TetrisMachine defictionalises the game tetris and gamemechanics. It is time to clean up and refurbish our cybernetic games!

lisbon (portugal) exhibition (02-05-2011)
from may 2nd to june 4, 2011, an interactive show on experimental videogames is presented at the goetheinstitut in lisbon, portugal. the exhibition is a cooperation between the goetheinstitut portugal, the programme game design of the university of the arts zurich and the swiss art group AND-OR. exhibition and a complementing programme of events carry the title realidades virtuais - reloaded.

searchsonata 181 (01-07-2011)
searchsonata 181 turns artificial poetry into natural poetry. It is a collaborative work by Johannes Auer and AND-OR that performs algorhitmically generated texts by ways of an anthropomorphic interface. Passwords are the machine's words of yearning; the machine needs them to ask for access. searchSonata 181 encrypts the incoming words into pronouncable phonetics as an acoustic bridge between text and sound. These phonetics as output of the machine again get performed and interpreted by an actress.

discrimination pong (12-21-2010)
discrimination pong is an anti-discrimination pong-game. the GameArt project features some serious defects. it visualizes discrimination/racism, makes it playable and very tangible. The player experiences discrimination/racism first-hand while trying to establish a win in this unfair variation of pong. the 'not so white-paddle' is discriminated in several aspects: from its visuals and its movements to the overall gamemechanic of the game.

laichenberg released (07-21-2010)
laichenberg is an egoshooter with a defect. frags are corpses; and they do not disappear in this game. the corpses of the enemies you kill, remain where they died and fell to the ground. if you kill more enemies, their remains start blocking your way and the narrow tunnels of the bunker system become insurmountable.

stuttgart (germany) exhibition (07-20-2010)
from july 14 to august 31, 2010, an interactive show on experimental videogames was presented at the stadtbücherei (city library) stuttgart. spiel computer spiel! was a cooperation between the stadtbücherei stuttgart with curator johannes auer, the programme game design of the university of the arts zurich and the swiss art group AND-OR. events with jürgen fritz a.o. and workshops complemented the show.

BeforeTheSatelliteDetectsYou (04-01-2010)
Before the satellite detects you! is a locative and adaptive game for mobile devices. Our first build is for the iphone. The work plays with the scary concept that every one of us can be traced by satellites at any time. Big Brother is literally watching us already with the eyes of the satellites high above us. Our game proofs this and plays with it.

wardive (03-01-2009)
wardive is an adaptive game with locative levels. it converts wlan-waves into game objects and levels. it reads the names of the hotspots in your immediate area and turns them into enemies, who try to take over your wardive-crystal. shield up! and try to fend them off with your touch finger!

sniff jazzbox audible city (02-01-2009)
sniff_jazzbox creates an audible city. it converts the wlan-waves into sound waves. the wlan conversion uses a streamsearch algorithm which was also used in streamfishing and searchsongs. the extended version for iphone will let the user control instruments and speed of the melodies. sniff_jazzbox captures the wlans in the immediate area like a wardrive-tool and produces a stream of wlan-names. this stream of words might be understood as a subconscious expression of the presently existing communication networks. sniff_jazzbox renders private data visible, translates it and makes it audible as a melody of yearning for contact and exchange. the names of the captured hotspots contain playable tones of the musical notation system (c, d, e, f, g, a, h, c, fis, ces ...). as you walk, ride or drive through town you will inevitably encounter loads of hotspots which are accessible for your little machine. sniff_jazzbox.audible_city is made for the iphone, it registers all the hotspots and turns them into music. through a set of instruments and different speeds for the tunes the user can interact with the tunes and adapt the music. Try it out! Walk through your neighbourhood or any town - preferably in the evening - and hear the wireless and invisble communication around you!

searchSongs (03-01-2009)
Searchsongs represents the net's melody of yearning. It is a collaborative work by Johannes Auer and AND-OR. earchSongs captures the stream of words of Lycos' live search. This stream of words might be understood as an expression of collective desire, as the net's melody of yearning, which is played by thousands of people, who at any moment try to reach the desired by means of a search engine. This melody of yearning is made audible by SearchSongs. Words contain playable tones of the musical notation system (c, d, e, f, g, a, h, c, fis, ces ...). On one side SearchSongs' web interface shows the stream of words of the live search, on the other side there are lines of musical notes below which transform playable letters in musical notes. Non-playable letters define the length of a tone.

gamescape (03-01-2007)

streamfishing (06-11-2004)
Jump into the subconscious of the world. What are people looking for? Get to know their intimate questions and desires. Streamf1sh1ng: various realities, one interactive space, constant flow of real life ideas (Fireball). Streamf1sh1ng depicts a real-life pattern by pulling together individual fragments of reality into a virtual image. The fragments of reality are thoughts merged into a constant stream of words and thoughts. Making this stream of thoughts visible enables the individual thoughts to interact which each other. This means: the virtual image or world is revealed as an interactive reality of human being and machine and can be used for further communication and exchange of ideas.

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