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gameZfestival - play the mechanics! AND-OR organizes first gameZfestival in Zurich for October 4 - 6, 2013! (08-30-2013)
NanoRunners will be shown

nanorunners - it's time to make your way to the top and then throw the others overboard! (01-15-2013)
first tests in public

nanorunners new graphics, a 5min test at fantoche in the cinema. (09-05-2012)

just use your smartphone or your pc/mac. and then let's play - even anonymously .-) ! (08-15-2012)

playpublik! - 10-20 people were playing for 2 hours. push the rivals down into the dark! (08-15-2012)

big screen in the outdoor bar at playpublik festival in berlin with nanorunners. let's play ! (08-15-2012)

nanoracers / nanorunners - playing together on large screens (25'', projectors or even in a cinema) from 1+ up to -200 gamers with smartphones/pcs/win... (08-15-2012)
tested at playpublik-festival in berlin

new name: discrimination game (07-16-2012)

problems with the name on app-store (atari) (07-16-2012)
new name: discrimination game

new video of pikselbacteria.ch (03-16-2012)

discrimination pong on iphone 1 (03-16-2012)
strange looks so clean

discrimination pong on iphone 0 (03-15-2012)
looks like it was made for iphone. black in black

discrimination pong ios version (03-14-2012)
first iphone & ipad version - looks interesting on iphone - another discrimination: each control has it's own discriminations - new finger control is slightly different .. let's hope, that apple takes it into the app-store ...

discrimination pong flash version (03-13-2012)
now you can play discrimination pong on the website

mosaicbear (03-04-2012)
in space - another model

don't touch me (02-29-2012)
working on scenes after the suicide

3durch3 - searchsongs (02-09-2012)
kunsttempel kassel - searchsongs

living on drafts (08-20-2011)
they love technical backgrounds

again some gameart discussions on gamelab.ch (08-11-2011)

first pictures from pikselbacteria (08-10-2011)
it's funny how they grow on a camera screen.

pikselbacteria: live camera (07-15-2011)
it is hard to implement av and direct pixel manipulations in real time on iphone 4.

wardive - android (06-15-2011)
first release not yet bugfree .-(